YSciCore is the Core Analytical Facility of the Faculty of Science at York University, Toronto.

Our mission is to support the scientific excellence of research programs. Each project is executed by domain experts, providing critical support from the earliest stages of grant writing and project design, through the experimental platform to data analysis. Liaise with YSciCore Facilities to access our state of the art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance platform, Mass Spectrometry and advanced light, ion and electron microscopy. From proteomics to Focus Ion Beam Milling, from Spinning Disk fast Z stacking to superresolution, from EDX Elemental Mapping to EBDS domain orientation, from biomolecular NMR to accurate mass quantification - we ensure that findings are representative for the population.

From straightforward 'one-off' measurements to the most complex, large scale projects, YSciCore is ready and able to accelerate your research success! Select from our analytical platforms below and get started!

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